Friday, December 30, 2011

On My Own

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

“No more teachers, no more books,” no more school for me! Now comes the painful reality that people call the real world. No longer will I be able to stay out all night and sleep through class the next day. Now I have to worry about clocking in on time and working until the day is nearly done; at least that is how it seems now. On a positive note, no more crowded hallways and community showers that dorms are known for. My very first place. I can set it up and arrange it any way I wanted and if I wanted to put a TV in the bathroom, which is my choice. Now to convince the landlord to install a cable outlet in the bathroom. After finally getting my internet and cable hooked up, i started looking at GA home security systems. It took a little convincing and money on my part, but my landlord finally agreed to let me get a security system installed. I wonder if I can convince my landlord to install a pool in the backyard. I think I may need a lot more money to get that upgrade through.