Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censored by SOPA!

What freedom do you have online? Can you visit ? It is a wonderful website that has some great educational videos on it.

How about ? The pictures there are just so funny, I love the one with the dancing circus monkey begging tourists on the street for pennies, you can see it here .

And make sure that if you ever go over to Italy you stay at this place, , the view is as amazing as you see on the site there, and the pasta... ohhhh... best anywhere! Here's the recipe! -


Is something missing from the above post?

SOPA is trying to stop online piracy, but SOPA is doing it in a very strong manner that could end up stripping freedoms from Americans.

Do not let the government tell you what the Internet is. Keep the Internet free in America, both its good and its bad if we have to!

Don't let your favorite sites be censored by SOPA or the next time you click a link to see your friend's picture of something exciting that happened in their life you might see -