Friday, January 27, 2012

No reliable signal in Alaska for Dish Network

This would be why I am so unhappy with Dish Network. This is how my TV looks for several minutes at least a third of the time when I want to watch something. And on top of that hassle, it is completely out with just the blue box showing up for around 4 days out of a month.

I call them to ask why I only get a signal from the satellite half the time and they say they have no idea. I ask if it can be fixed and they have no idea. They can't send a repair person because I am in Alaska and have to go to the person who originally installed it, but they can't tell me who that might be, and since my mom had it installed I have no idea who that might be, so they are charging me full price each month and I can only watch TV half the time.

And YET! The last time I was talking to someone at the place, after a year of having gave up on getting help with it, they were commenting to me about how Alaska's a really bad area for Dish Network reception. They know the signal is bad here, but they still have no customer service to help with it? What the heck?

They seem to work fine for my friend living in California, but here in Alaska I am so damn close to switching away from their service. I would have long ago if not for the fact that the other person who watches TV on that insists I can't move to the only other option in my area. You would think that the satellite service would be perfect in Alaska, but trust me, it's not. We need better options here.

For the money I am spending on unreliable TV from Dish Network, I could get a really great online package for watching TV and playing games on the Internet.