Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where do little external hard drives come from?

After I got into serious 3D work, I ended up having an even more funny looking computer system. I already had a dual monitor system, with twin monitors on my work computer and my personal computer off to the side with a single monitor, then my laptop on occasion and a small TV for watching news. My printer and a external hard drive.

Now it looks like my computer is giving birth to External Hard Drives with three of them trailing off little cables from the main computer to keep up with the downloads and backups and programs I am running.

I have run out of USB ports and have to swap one of the external hard drives out for the printer or my camera or my smart pen when I want to use different things. It is getting insane. LOL

But, at least now I know that little external hard drives come from bigger computers. Put two computers together on the same table and they'll start a family. LOL!