Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's the end of the world

2012 is getting off to a good start for being the year the world ends. I am just starting to recover from the events of January, which include... Heater in my house going out so I have no heat. And since my heater is a fuel fired forced air heater, that means my heater being out also took out my hot water source.

My satellite dish was knocked funky by the high winds, so I lost all TV reception for several weeks until I could finally get someone out here to fix the issue just last week.

My work called me that as a caregiver I need a TB test, but I won't get back the results of that test until AFTER they close, which means that I risk being dropped as an employee if they don't get results back before closing today. But results not going to be ready until half an hour after they have closed, so.... thankfully they said as long as they have the test results *WHEN THEY OPEN* in the morning I should be okay.

And that don't even get into the financial headaches that I have had being piled up on top of everything suddenly.

Yeah... January 2012 was a really good sign that the world ends in December.