Monday, March 19, 2012

Is that what they call iceberg lettuce?

I admit that my refrigerator is a fairly old one, and it has its issues, but I still hate it when I open it and take out the head of lettuce only to find that it is frozen.

I knew I was in trouble a couple of days ago when the leaf lettuce was shriveled only a few days after buying it, but tonight I got the head of lettuce out and chopped into it only to find ice all through it as well.

A few months ago it was the eggs all freezing in the shells. I think my refrigerator is headed for a nasty breakdown and I really do not want to have to replace it. Think I'll have to start thinking about getting a new one though. Maybe a small size one, since it is just me and I don't keep much in it anyway? We'll see. I may go for one with a water dispenser, or maybe one with that easy access mini door in the main door for frequently used stuff?

Dunno, hopefully I have a while to think about it still.