Saturday, March 24, 2012

Scorpion and Sub-Zero

I am an old-time Mortal Kombat addict, and the new game is just as epic today as the first was all those years ago. Sub-Zero will always be my favorite, and since my nephew is a fan of Scorpion it is a great team-up for fighting our way to victory in the Mortal Kombat ladder. So far we have been taking out the combatants all the way to the top on medium level, but I am starting to get back into the hang of how the button combos work, so I'm thinking we might up the difficulty for the next match.

Nothing like kicking around a few bad guys out to destroy the world to make you feel energized. I've quickly picked up a new habit of getting up and playing Skyrim for a hour, then working, then after dinner me and my nephew climb up the Mortal Kombat ladder. We're down now on medium difficulty for 28 minutes start to finish on the ladder.