Friday, March 23, 2012

Almost Spring, time for babies and dresses

Spring is on its way. I can see more and more snow melting off out there in the yard. My little car no longer looks like a small bump in the snowbank, I can see part of the roof and the passenger side window. Spring brings along with it fairer weather when the dresses come out and of course babies.

I can imagine the stores are starting to be busy with shoppers, mostly new young mothers looking for things like discount maternity dresses and more experienced mothers looking to find the perfect Easter Sunday best dresses for them and their daughters. And that is something I always loved about the spring, little girls in fancy dresses with lots of lace and a large satin bow. A matching basket filled with colorful eggs. That is what spring is for me, I'm not sure why exactly, maybe it is the little girl in me who loved pretty dresses, the one that I was before I became a horseback riding tomboy in t-shirts and jeans.

I'm looking forward to spring, and think I'll get out my basket collection and pretty them up with satin bows and set them all over the house to welcome spring back. Might even boil up and dye a bunch of eggs to go in one on the breakfast table.