Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Since I did not have to call out a repair man at $125 an hour to fix my heater, my nephew and I splurged and went in halves to pick up Skyrim for the PS3 we went halves on a couple of years ago. I must say, that while I have not got to play it as much as I wish I had time for, Skyrim is one AMAZING game.

My nephew plays it over here and it is truly an open world where you can find your own routes to whatever adventure the world holds. There are set events, but there is no insistence of "you MUST go to that dungeon first and defeat that before you go there..."

I started playing it and rather than do the adventure my nephew went on, I took off walking the countryside... and walking, and walking... it was amazing. Two characters in the same game, but the only thing that was the same is the point we started the game. We even followed different characters at the very start where you are fleeing from a place.

Anyone that loves RPGs needs to put this one on their must have list. It is epically awesome. And, you can either go hunting dragons, like my nephew, or you can do what I do and run like the wind when you see one and evade having to fight them. Very awesome!!