Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snowed in car

I look out the window at my poor snowed in car and wonder just when I will be able to knock down the 3' deep ice berm that surrounds it. My convertible just is not made for winter driving in Alaska, where the weather can get down to -30 F on a good day (and -60 F on a bad day). It is more of a coastal cruiser for Oregon and California type areas where it would see little if any snow.

I can not wait for summer time to get here and for me to be able to get it back out on the roads and maybe do some exploring down toward Seward and up toward Fairbanks. Who knows where to, I just want to get out and drive it some in a unhurried meander to explore some of the state and stop when and where I want to instead of where others with me are wanting to go.