Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Sometimes you find yourself sitting and thinking back on the past, to things that you remember and that just seem to come unbidden to mind. The other day I was at my brother's house waiting for him to be ready so we could drive to town and get the part we needed to fix my heater and I noticed my mom's old roll top desk sitting to the side in his living room. It's not a really old desk, although she had always looked for a real antique one, instead it is a inexpensive modern type roll top desk. Still, it holds so many memories of my mom sorting the bills and paying them, and of my own bill sorting and payment in the months following her passing.

It was one of the few things my brother had wanted after she passed away, and I know it has a loved home with him and that he thinks of her each time he sees it. I have an old secretarial that my mom and I got a few years before she passed away. She loved to point out that it was the same one that was seen by the front door in the old series Sanford and Son. I spent a lot of time watching that with her when I was younger, as well as All in the Family and The Jefferson's. I find it hard to watch those shows now, but I know one day I will sit down and watch them and laugh just as I did when I once watched them with my mom.