Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Admin Area on Blogger

Blogger has a new look for the backend where posts are written, and since I have been unable ot get much done online lately, that has caught me a bit by surprise as I logged in today and find out that "In April" they are adopting this new look. So, why not? I dive on in, might as well start now and learn it than wait and be totally lost later on.

So far, after 5 minutes, it seems to be a pretty streamlined and straightforward workspace. I will let you know what I think on it in a few days or as I get a better opinion on how it is going to work.

I'm not sure yet on if I will link my blogs and my Google+ profile, we'll see. Maybe, but I need to think on that a bit before I make that leap.

Still no word count, but I was pleasantly surprised by an automatic expansion of the typing area when I got to the end of the default text entry space. Nice touch that. :-D So far, so good.