Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doing work for other people

It really annoys me when someone else brings me their work because they can not do it, but fails to bring me everything that I am going to need to do the project for them. Then, to top it off, their deadline does not allow for me to go get them the things that they neglected to bring me - Twice. Yes, that's right, they had two chances to bring me what I needed, and I still do not have it, now, with the project due today I do not have time ot go get the missing pieces myself. I'm going to have to MacGyver a fix for the thing.

I am highly frustrated and made even more annoyed because my efforts to get their work done for them has meant that I am falling really far behind in my own work. I'm through with it. Helping someone out is one thing, but damaging my own work is unacceptable. They might not comprehend that I have an actual job and do not just spend my time playing games on the computer, but if I do not draw a clear line in the dirt and say "No." I'm going to lose what little income I get. And so far they are not paying me for the stuff I have already done for them, so if I am not paid for this fiasco - that's IT. No more rather or not I have the time for it.