Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Struggling to save my home

I've been talking a lot to bank people and mortgage places again lately. The last conversation was with my local bank who said they love how my credit looks and everything and just need me to prove another $800 in my income. That's actually good news to me, since they accept either proof in the form of my taxes for my self employment, or will accept three payslips from a new job showing I am earning a bit more at a second job. What sucks is that the new place that I am dealing with on trying to buy the house is no better than the bank that had it before, since I was talking to someone last week about the situation and they told me that they would call me back in a few minutes after they looked at something in the file and here I am, as usual, still waiting for a phone call that I was told to wait for. I had tried to get the gal's name when I spoke to her, but she ignored my request and hung up on me without providing it a second time. I am going to need to learn to make sure I have their names wrote down, and their operator IDs accurate BEFORE I get to talking to them people. Hopefully before too much longer, though I will have some good news rather than just MORE stress as I am currently collecting. We'll see about that though.