Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Car Frustrations

I am starting to get really frustrated here. My little car came through the winter okay, but it is now sitting on four flat tires. Apparently the winter tires that came with it were not exactly good tires, and had slow leaks that left the car flat. I've been told that the car was going to get the tires fixed, the old summer tires put back onto it, but that has not happened yet so I am thinking I will need to just do it myself. Or... maybe I should just get a new car or something? It is an older model, and I know that it is going to start having issues, especially since just after I got it I was stupid enough to let someone talk me into letting their kid borrow it a few times and she abused the poor thing. There are places like this site title loans Utah that will help with getting loans that can help someone buy a car. I've never had anything other than used cars bought from private parties, so it would be nice to not have a car that is not of questionable mechanical health. I don't know. First the house, then later on I will worry about a new car - after I have the house and am making enough over its costs to afford car payments.