Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There comes a time when things must change to move on

People change, and so too do their interests. When I started this blog, back in 2003, my goal was for it to be the official blog of my website, which at that time was all about writing. I later shifted the focus in a slow move to being general random notes about my life, because I was very focused on what was going on in my life at that time. I started traveling a little more, so I moved the focus to a dedicated travel blog. That did not last long, however, and I soon discovered that I had neither the time, nor funds, for the kind of traveling that I had thought lay ahead for me. Another change in the blog was called for. I converted it back to the general catch-all that it is today. The problem with this shifting focus has been that it has left little focus for this blog. My interests are no longer in any of the old topics it covered, and I really do not want to be sharing enough about my personal life right now to make sufficient content for a blog. So, since my interests have changed, I do not want to share personal information and I have no time to pursue things that really are not attracting my attention anymore, I am going to adjust the focus on this blog once again. The website, as well, has evolved from its first conception. Long before the website was a website the name existed as my own planned for line of 25mm figurines and scenery dioramas. The title was specifically selected in the 90's for a line of dioramas and props for use in the game Dungeons & Dragons. Phantasm and scene. An illusion in the mind that is the setting in a story. I have decided to backstep this blog to focus on the same sorts of things as the main website, but still maintain a random assortment of general issues from time to time. It will be a drop-point for things from my website and a place I can talk about games and gaming to keep me focused on some vague connecting topic, but also a place I can post assorted mundane stuff in a catch-all setting.