Thursday, July 05, 2012

Old fabric with an odd maker's splice

My brother brought me a box of fabrics he had picked up at a yard sale a few days ago. It was filled with a variety of materials that he thought might be useful to me in making quilts. In sorting through it I found an interesting piece of material that had a repair-type stitch across it.

It is not easy to see in the picture here, because the stitches were put into the fabric before it was imprinted with the design. On moving the stitches side to side I can see where the flowers underneath have white lines where the stitching (that has the corresponding colors on it) was in the way when the design was imprinted on the material. Shown here is a point where the material seemed to have stretched during the printing process, since the pattern is not warped by the hole as it would have been had the hole appeared after imprinting.

Based on the other materials that were present in the box, I am guessing the print dates back to the 1960's or early 1970's, but because there are no makers imprints on the edges, I have no way to figure out the age aside from the odd splicing that was done before pattern imprinting.