Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tea after work

Few things in life compare to sitting back in a comfy chair and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea after having spent the day working. I'm not sure what it is, precisely, maybe the "ahhh, time to relax" effect, or just the warmth causing a sense of relaxation, but I definitely enjoy the pleasures to be found in a lightly sweetened cup of Red Rose tea.

And yes, it must be Red Rose for me. I grew up with Lipton, but in later years I started collecting the tea animals that Red Rose includes in their teas and my mom joined me in that effort. We have a LOT of those little critters now, and I still buy the tea and collect the little figures in honor of the excitement of wondering what will be in the box of tea when it is opened.

We bought a few from second hand stores, but so many more were cherished discoveries in a new box of tea tat we then enjoyed together. And, I guess that is what it is about. The memories. Remembering times spent with my mom helps me to relax as much or more than the warm tea and the comfortable clothing after a long day at work.