Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weather Checking

A gentleman stopped by the house yesterday to do an energy efficiency check on the house in preparation for the new heating system that is going to be put in. It's a procedure where they seal the door off with this big fabric door thing and hook up a fan that then forces all the air out through the door. Aside from the doors that you can toss a cat through the damaged weather stripping he said the place has a fairly good energy rating. Sitting here, I can see light at the top of the front door on the hinge side of the door. The light on the side that opens runs from the floor better than halfway up the door. And that is with the deadbolt locked. Unlock the deadbolt and the door won't close fully. The back door is worse. Thankfully he said that in addition to helping us with the heater, they'll help dad and me get someone in here to replace the front and back doors so that we no longer have a constant cold breeze cutting through the house. Right now I have some poorly installed weather stripping (it would not fit in the warped doorframe) and a fleece draft catcher along the bottom of the door.