Monday, February 15, 2010

Online Tutor

Tutornext is an online tutoring program that works one on one with students to help them catch up or stay ahead in class. With subscription prices for an Online Tutor that run by as little as the week at a time up to a year for grades k-12 and 3 months for college level, the site can help with online tutoring and assignments 24/7.

Suppose your child is struggling to get a passing grade in math. You have a busy schedule that won't allow you to drive them to the learning center a few times a week, and maybe they are the kind of learner that does best outside of the learning center's hours anyway.

With Tutornext they can get help from an Online Math Tutor at a time that is best for them, right from the comfort of your own home using the virtual whiteboard at Tutornext to converse with their tutor and get Math help were they are able to work through the problem in real time.

To find out more about Tutornext and all the ways they can help your child succeed, or maybe assist you with your college education, check out their site at any of the links above.

This post was paid for by Tutornext