Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fluted Rose

I wanted to share this, since it is one of the kewlest ways I have ever put a flower on my desk. Rather than show the chaotic clutter that is my desk at the moment, I posed it in front of the quilt I am working on, but this is the rose I have got to enjoy at my desk for the past few days as I am working.

I got my dad a dozen roses the other day, and when I was putting them in the vase for him I noticed one had broken just below the bud. I did not have anything handy for putting the rose bud into, so I grabbed a wine flute that sat by the sink, added a bit of water and dropped the rose into there.

It had been going to be a temporary fix, but after several days now of enjoying how it looks I will be sad to see the rose wither and might just have to pick up a single stem rose to replace it when it does at last wither.