Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harry Potter's neice follows in his pawsteps

Long-time readers here will remember my adorible Siamese cat Harry Potter, who was my writing critic, tax accountant, advertising partner, book editor and all around clown that was one of my favorite picture subjects.

Me & Harry

Well, last year me and dad adopted Harry's younger sister, Mojo, from my brother. On November 9th, during the first snow of the year, Mojo had a litter of kittens, dad and I kept one of them and named her Patchwork Quilt (aka: Patches, aka: Demon Kitty).

Mojo and Patches
(notice the glowy demon eyes?)

Patches, seen on the right in the above picture, is so named because where she should have dark Siamese markings she has calico markings. She is proving to be as much of a clown and camera geek as her uncle Harry. Continually posing for stuff that up until a couple of days ago I only had my cell phone's built in camera to capture with. I have a camera now, and can catch things such as the Kilroy Kitty....

Gotta love the crossed eyes!

I had been working earlier and turned around to see that ^ peering at me over the top of the 4' tall sheet of plywood I had got for building a dollhouse. She had climbed up onto the keyboard of the piano the plywood was leaned against and got up to peek over it to see what I was up to.