Monday, March 08, 2010

Get Paid to Take Surveys?

There are so many ways to try to make money online now days that a person could spend months just sorting though it all. And one way that keeps showing up again and again is getting paid to take surveys. I have never tested this means of making money online, so have no way to base an opinion on rather or not it actually works.

I will say that I have heard of both good and bad experiences with paid surveys being used as a way to earn money. The majority of what I have heard about taking online surveys for money has been bad, with the general tone being that it is low pay or takes forever to get any response or paid.

One of the sites that seems to be plagued by both good and negative comments is GetPaidToTry, an online survey site for those who want to earn money to complete surveys. GetPaidToTry says that they will not charge members any fees, however, they do point out that some of their features do require a credit card number. This seems, from what I have gleaned, been required by some of the offers that people were sent.

In doing a bit of research online about the website I saw both good and bad reactions to the site. The majority of the negative views seemed to pertain to slow customer service in relation to trouble with payouts that were in need of being sorted out.

Overall, from what I have read, the site is an email based service that will send an average of 1 or 2 e-mails a day with the average pay for those e-mails being a quarter, sometimes up to $20 or more for completing offers. I have not joined the site due to time constraints, and would suggest that anyone interested in getting paid to take surveys do their diligent homework on the programs and decide for themselves if it is for them.

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