Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wheat allergy? Or Eczema?

For a long time I had thought that I had some form of eczema on my arm, a rash that seemed to be a persistent cuss that would not be shaken off by use of any kinds of lotion or such. Then one day I was at the doctor's office with my dad for an appointment for him, and his doctor noticed the rash and it's location. A few questions later, which included how the rash had began (rashes on the wrists when I was 17 or 18), and his doctor was asking me if I had ever heard of Celiac Disease, also known as an allergy to wheat.

It seemed that the rash that I had been trying all kinds of treatments for eczema on to no success, might not be eczema or any other skin irritation at all, it is often a visible indication of someone with an allergy to gluten found in wheat and other products.

That was not something I wanted to hear. I love fresh baked bread and especially raised donuts. After thinking it over and going out to buy a pantry full of gluten free products, I decided that I did not want to completely remove wheat from my diet. At least not until I knew for sure. Only way to know for sure was to see a specialist, however, and I can't afford to even see a standard doctor. So, I began to be more moderate in my wheat intake and cut out the raised donuts (::cry::). The rash has never gone away entirely, and I have gone back to having bread when I want it. Still limit my donuts though. I don't know for sure if the rash is, indeed, a wheat allergy, or if it is some kind of eczema, but until I know one way or the other, I'm not going to risk giving myself an intolerance to wheat by trying to cease my wheat intake.