Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Click Local

Just Click Local is a website designed to help visitors find a service provider in their local area.

Searching for any kind of service provider in cities such as Chicago, IL can be a hassle if you rely on the yellow pages or local bulletin boards. With Just Click Local you can enter the service you want to find and get a list of local service providers.

Looking for someone that can trim your trees in Birmingham, AL? Type "tree care" into the search and find local businesses that specialize in lawn and tree care.

Or you can do a search for services using the easy list of services at the city page. Say you live in Tulsa, OK, go to that page and you get a listing of local services. Click the service you need, say Pilates under the Diet & Fitness category, and you will find a listing of local Pilates instructors and studios.

This post was sponsored by Just Click Local