Monday, July 19, 2010

Back yard rebuild - dog run and re-deck porch

My mom and dad always made planning out new construction look so easy. They would grab a sheet of paper and be able to just jot out a few notes on the dimension of the structure they were going to build, toss a few lines across the page, and easily compute down to the last inch exactly how many boards they needed and what the lengths and dimensions were.

I've spent two days now sketching and re-sketching and writing down multiple number combination to try to sort out the least expensive way to re-deck the back porch (which has spongy spots on the particle board that was used on it), and a dog run around the yard. Dog run seems like it would be easy, but the dogs are known jumpers and climbers that make fast work of escaping from anything I have locked them into so far.

Current plan is to replace the particle board decking with a lumber deck, stain it, and make a 6 foot tall chain link fence enclosed by a 2x4 framework around the yard. On the porch I am going to make a special gate that will close onto a pair of spring plungers that will keep it closed, but still easily opened for getting it open in case of an emergency. The gate will swing to a 90 degree angle so it either blocks the stairs up onto the porch, or can be swung back to the side where it can be latched into position to lock the dogs in the yard and one side of the porch, while leaving the sitting area at the end of the porch and the entry from the yard clear.

If I can make it come together how I have it envisioned it should make a lovely entry to the back of the house.