Friday, August 27, 2010

The holidays are coming

It is that time of year again. Time to start getting out the holiday decorations and deciding what needs to be added to them and what strings of lights have blown out bulbs.

I have thought a few times that I should get LED lights rather than the traditional lights. They last longer and have a lower power draw. I would love to have a few strings of the C9 led christmas lights that I can run along the edge of the front yard and up around the porch.

Years ago I was all about the decorating for the holidays and used to go all out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In recent years I got less interested in the decorating, but I have got back into it the last couple of years as a way to help make the holidays a bit happier for my dad. He really enjoys seeing the tree set up and decorated, and even if I do like last year and put empty boxes and recycled presents under the tree, it is the pretty tree with the lights and gifts that he enjoys.

I don't believe in putting up lights and stuff until after Thanksgiving, but I'm going to get the lights out early this year so I know I have good working lights and make pans on how to make the house look nice for dad.