Friday, August 27, 2010

I thought my Farmville farm was broken

For the last few days to a week, whenever I tried to take a mystery box or mystery egg out of my gift box and put it on my farm, I have seen this explosive bunch of sparks and colored smoke in the middle of the screen with no item placement. Instead the egg or box has automatically opened without me being able to set it on the farm.

Okay, that's cool. The first two or three times. Then it was funny a few times as I centered the screen so that it blew up the outhouse. It was even amusing the one time it was set just right that it looked like my pink calf had one heck of a bad case of flatulence. When the various amusement combinations had played themselves out I was left with annoyance.

I wanted to put some mystery eggs by the hen house. And I liked to stack up my mystery boxes by the Tuscan Wedding tent. I can no longer do either one.

I had assumed that there was a glitch that made it bypass being able to set the things on the farm and that it would be fixed. As time passed and it was not fixed I decided to go looking. It turns out it was a Zynga "improvement".

Wait, a what? I do not call it an improvement. I have some mystery eggs on the farm from before they "fixed" things, so I got my eggs by the hen house, but I have no mystery boxes and when it really annoyed me was when I wanted to set the Special Delivery box on the farm by my bakery so it looked like there were some supplies arriving.

I don't want the nail or bee or whatever minor item the box has in it, I want the box itself. I want Zynga to give me back the ability to put those on the farm. Maybe let players toggle a "auto open" setting on and off so those who like it can automatically open them and those of us that prefer to keep them on the farm can have the eggs and boxes. Please?