Monday, October 11, 2010

Winter attire

With the colder weather moving in, I am in the market for some boots, gloves and most importantly a really good winter jacket. I have done some digging about and found my old jacket put away, but it is starting to show its age, and I can not find my winter gloves anywhere. As for boots. Well. I never really have much in the way of winter boots, and the past two years rather than buy some I was wearing my mom's old winter boots. They wore out on me last winter though, so I am definitely going to have to get new boots this winter.

I would love to get myself something like a bomber jacket, but I know I need to lose a bit of weight before one would look decent on me. I was looking at the coogi quilted bomber jackets over at the Jimmy Jazz website, and I kind of like them, but I think I prefer the rouched bomber jackets a bit more, because the quilted ones remind me of a puffy bubble vest, and I think they would make me look puffier.

The only problem I have with the bomber jacket, is that I do not have any experience with the style and am not sure it would be warm enough when the weather drops into the -40 range in the middle of the winter.