Saturday, October 30, 2010

MGS4 Online Play

So, I helped my nephew pick up a PlayStation 3 a little while back, and with that we got Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The good points, I love that there is a online element to the game that allows us to get online and play in matches with other players. The bad points - I'm finding very little of actual help on the things that we want to find out about.

1) Can more than one MGS Hero per side be added in the team matches?
2) What are the special moves for the various heroes?
3) Is there any sort of guide on the training other than "shoot targets that reappear after they are shot"??

I want to take the training solo missions to hone 20 year out of practice hands to new game controls, but the dang thing has no actual point to the missions in the practice training levels. I can see that the dummies and targets have numbers, so I am going to try to run the whole level shooting them in sequence, unfortunately it is VERY hard to tell what the numbers over their heads say. And I can't find a decent map that shows where the numbered dummies and targets are on the levels.

Very frustrating. And, while I am complaining about a terrific game, one last gripe. To actually. 1) I'd LOVE to be able to take the character I create in the online play and play them on the actual game on my PS3 console in place of Snake. That would be kewl. And 2) It would be nice to be able to add in shortcut text I can insert like the automatic commands in the game rather than having to go into the text entry area. Would like to send out a custom comment in just a couple taps of the controller rather than spend a while sorting out getting it done.

That's all for now, I'll go back to playing the game for a few minutes. JUST started, so not about to hop into a Team Match quite yet, but I'll get there one of these evenings. Until then, I think I'll start setting up information on the game on one of my sites. Will give a link to where later after I get that done.