Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bathroom Design

I sat down last night with graph paper and started drawing up a new scheme for how the house will be evolving, getting the bathroom sorted out for not what it is now, but for what I want it to be in ten years so that the redesign now can work toward that goal, rather than backtracking away from it or needing to be redone in a few months or a year to accommodate the eventual design.

I need to get things sorted out and pick up stuff like a new door and door hardware so I can install a door from the bathroom into the master bedroom, and then my plan is to eventually create a second bath, with the one I have now transformed into a private bathroom for the master bedroom, with the current laundry room side of it transformed into a walk-in pantry with a dumm-waiter to the basement storage.

It sounds odd, but unless I change my mind over the next few months, it should turn out to be pretty cool. Right now things are still in a holding pattern, so I need to just get the bathroom pieced back together and finished off for the moment and hold off on the future plans for after I know I have this place all secured and being repurchased.