Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ever ongoing construction

There are times when I feel like I must live in the Winchester house. In fact, mom and I used to joke all of the time about living in a house like the Winchester Mansion, where the construction is ever ongoing with changes here and there and the house slowly expanding and evolving to suit changing needs.

Having started work on getting the bathroom remodeled so that Dad would have a handicapped accessible bathroom, I am now left with a half finished (still) bathroom that is getting finished this week. It is still fully usable as it is, it's just... a mess. I can't wait to get it all finished and how it is supposed to look. I just have not quite decided - do I go full on handicap accessible on that one, or do I make it a smaller scale bath with the full more proper bath moved to another room as mom and I had planned for so very long now?

Decisions decisions.

I'm also still contemplating if I want to completely redo the back porch, or just put it back to how it was. It was functional as it was, but the end of it was supposed to be connected off the back of the bathroom to create a laundry room out there, with the end of the porch by the back door turned into a small sitting area for afternoon coffee and croissants. It would mean re-framing in the entire back porch, re-decking it (which is needed anyway), and putting in a door into the laundry room where the bathroom window is now, and a new fancy partial glass door where the back door is at so that it matched the glass windows I have had for years and years that are to frame the back porch in.

Dad and I had talked several times about putting the windows in so that he had a sealed in porch area out there to sit in the winter time and watch my brother plow the drive or just enjoy watching the snow fall from the warmth of a sealed in porch.

I still like that plan, and will one day go ahead and finish that porch out like that. Just not sure when or what the finished project will actually look like.


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