Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Basement Intruder

Anyone that has ever watched a horror movie knows that the rules for survival state that you DO NOT go into the dark basement alone when you hear weird sounds in it.

Well, a little while ago I went into the office to get something and noticed that the basement door is open, I can hear weird sounds of something moving around in the basement. Something of a reasonably decent size. Logic says that the cats got down there. I consider going downstairs after them, but I know that they'll bolt for cover behind boxes and stuff so I decide to go and get my flashlight first.

So, I go back to hallway and there, wondering what I am up to, are both of my cats. Sitting in the hallway. Okay, not good. I can see Bear (large cream-tone Labrador) at end of hall with the Wookie (my mom's Shih Tzu). A check of the living room turns up Bear's sister and mother both sleeping in the oversize dog bed in the corner.

All four dogs and both cats are accounted for... hmmm... Okay, so, I dunno what's in the basement, but I'm thinking that it can wait until my brother wakes up in a few hours and then HE can go down there and investigate it for me!

My best guess is that one of my nephew's cats got into the house somehow and then down into the basement to hide out, since that's how big whatever is moving about on the visqueen flooring down there sounded like. I dunno, I just know that I ain't going to go investigate it on my own.