Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bookbinding Glues

Working on a book I got to looking for more information on the use of glues and what glues other bookbinders recommend for gluing books together.

DIY Bookbinding has a pretty good article on their experience with various glues in their Glue Options For Perfect Bound Paperback Books post.

I also found some archive preservation materials at Demco that includes DEMCO NeutralBond vinyl adhesive that is advertised on their site as not yellowing or brittling with age, drying clear with a flexible bond, and fast drying. At around $5.50 for an 8oz bottle it is comparable to the prices of similar glues I have found locally.

And then there are the various Bookbinding Glues from Amazon, including a range of "PH Neutral PVA Bookbinders Adhesive" glues.