Saturday, May 21, 2011

My ATV winch - Install on the ATV or not?

I have a little ATV winch that my mom bought me a few years ago for Christmas, and I have been delaying installing it on the ATV, admittedly because I don't want the ATV to be used to winch firewood out of the woods. I think that would quickly wear out my poor little ATV's winch and I want that winch to last for as long as my ATV lasts - which is for my lifetime and beyond.

I have also thought about using the little winch to install a dumbwaiter in the house, to make it easier to get things up and down from the house into the basement. The little atv winches are just the right size to tuck up into the ceiling and hook in for running a small elevator to take loads of things up and down without having to carry it up and down the staircase - which requires ducking at the base so it's really hard to carry things up and down it.

I had discussed installing a dumbwaiter in the kitchen with my mom in the past, but we were never sure just where we should install one. She had thought it was an idea worth contemplating though. Especially for using a corner of the basement for storing canned goods and emergency water for if the power went out for a few days (which can be a hazard in rural Alaska).