Monday, July 18, 2011

To Do list on pause

I need to call up the bank on Monday and see if my hard work this past couple of weeks has paid off or not. I am so hoping that I have everything in order and they will sell me my house, but I won't know until after I talk to them. If they will I am going to leap right in on some things that I really want to do, but have put off. Such as build my permanent bar-b-cue off the end of the porch and get it shielded for keeping the snow out. Clear out the 'storage' room for making a larger office, and put one of those lcd tv mounts in my bedroom over my bead so I can put my LCD TV on it and watch TV in bed.

There are, of course, a lot of other things on my 'need to do' list, but those are presently the important elements that I really need to get to. I just have to wait until I can talk to the bank so I know if I am actually going to save my parent's house and be able to buy it, or if I have to move out as the bank takes it away from me.