Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sit down and write a letter once a month

What ever happened to the days of sitting at the secretarial desk, pen in hand, and penning out a letter to a loved one on stationary?

The Internet has changed a lot of the things that we used to do, and a lot of the things that it have changed have been bitter-sweet.

Letter writing is one of the things that has declined since the technological age began, and today it has become a dwindling art form.

My sewing room holds an antique secretarial cabinet with a drop-down front for letter writing and assorted stationary cubby-holes. After my mom passed away I gave one of my brothers here reproduction rolltop desk which now holds miscellaneous clutter in his living room. A hand made antique-style desk sits to the side of my computer, where I store various books and clutter that pertains to my work as a writer - and yet there is no room on that desk for me to set paper and pen to write.

I think that it would be good to pick one day out of the month in which to sit down with a fine writing pen and a stack of stationary and write out a letter to someone that you love. There are still places where you can find personalized Stationery and supplies to purchase, or you could create your own stationary on your computer, the important part is not where you purchase your stationary, or what it looks like, the important part is to help bring back the lost art of letter writing.

And, letters are a wonderful thing to send to the scrapbook enthusiast, especially if you only write on one side of the page, because that gives them a wonderful written out story around which to build their next scrapbook page.