Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Caregivers and Medical Scrubs

I sometimes wonder why the use of things that are so common in the field of nursing, such as medical scrubs or nurse shoes, are not utilized by the family caregiver or private care providers. Particularly with today's styles of nurse uniforms that are less clinical looking and more comfortable everyday wear.

I would think that a comfortable set of medical scrubs would be the idea thing to toss on for around the house while providing care to a loved one, since they would provide the comfort of lounge wear and the durability of work wear.

Maybe it is time for a line of medical scrubs that are specifically for family caregivers?


Harmony said...

Hello, I am a full time nanny. I care for a 7 month old and most likely a newborn sometime down the line. I am in favor of wearing kid friendly, not so clinical looking scrubs to work on a daily basis. I feel that most people who wear scrubs are in direct contact with another human being or animal that can and will get them dirty. I am all for it!