Tuesday, November 15, 2011

-14 Degrees F in Alaska

Sitting here shivering with ice building into little snowbanks along my windows and the outside temperature is at -14 degrees Fahrenheit (that is -25.55 to those of you that go by Celsius). It would not be so bad, if my heater had not run out of heating fuel around 9 p.m. last night, leaving me keeping the house semi-warm with an open fronted Franklin Fireplace. That means I stay awake all night and close off the back of the house (well, I left the hall and bathroom open, because I've done the hike to the outhouse and sit on cold seat before years ago, it is no fun).

I sometimes wonder just what possesses me to live in Alaska, and it is nights like this one when I wonder that. I'm not really a winter person, I like to be warm. Although I have considered learning to ski a time or two, and I think I could get into maybe going out hiking with a pair of snowshoes. Although I think rather than the old traditional looking bent willow and rawhide strips I would like something more like the Crescent Moon Gold 13 Snowshoes for women to trek through the snowfields on. I have a short stride that just would not match up with the clunky walking of traditional snowshoes, so I like the idea of shoes that allow a more natural stride pattern.

It would need to warm up a lot though. The trouble is, I know that it is nowhere near as cold as it is likely to get this winter. We already had the worst storm in 40 years hit the West coat of Alaska, and now we are not yet to Black Friday and the weather is hitting -14 F. I'm thinking this is going to be one of those nasty years when we hit -60 in the bad part of winter where I'm at.

That happens and you might just find me and my little car headed south the first chance we have. LOL!