Monday, November 14, 2011

UV Mapping In Blender - What is it?

A UV map is kind of the skin of an image in Blender, and is one of the things that has been holding me up in how I can export my images out of Blender and into Daz 3D so I can build the things I need to tell my Mars Station One story.

This shows a basic cube shape in a 3D program, and what it looks like with its UV map unwrapped from around it.

The map creates a skin that covers the basic base shape, and when it is applied to the shape.

In its simplest form, the UV map entails:
  • Unwrapping the mesh
  • Creating the textuer
  • Applying the texture
So, the step that I was missing in creating items to move from Blender into Daz Studio was the UV mapping that would allow me to make a decal for applying back onto the item once the basic figure was in Daz Studio.

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Cube Attribution: Zephyris at en.wikipedia