Sunday, November 27, 2011

-18 F and dropping fast outside

Looks like my happy days of average weather for this time of year have curled up and gone back into hibernation, because tonight I have watches my wood pile dwindle down to near nothing and the thermometer both outside and inside drop steadily.

As I write this is it 54 degrees F at my computer and -18 degrees F just outside the door beside me.

My feet were so cold a little while ago I put my hair dryer in my winter boots to warm them up a bit and then put them on. Had to take them back off though, because every time I walked into the living room to check the wood stove I got a static shock on the stove. Not good.

What is REALLY not good is the persistent cough I keep having from the cool air *INSIDE* the house. 30 years ago I stepped out onto the porch here not realizing it had dropped to -60 outside and breathed in through my mouth - ever since when the air starts to get cold I start to cough - it gets worse the colder the air gets. This cough is following back to back battles with the Flu, laryngitis, (both at start of this month) and a cold just a couple of days ago (over Thanksgiving). I don't like that I now have sniffles and cough that will not stop thanks to the cold air inside and no heating fuel to make them stop.

Need to get the billb a little more ahead of the red line so I can fill my heater fuel tank.