Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Gifts for Families

Some of the toys I have seen for sale this year are a little concerning, as I noted in my last post, so how about if we take a break from Holiday shopping ideas for kids and think about something that the whole family might like?

Buying toys for kids probably should be left up to the parents or guardians of the kids, since they know what is appropriate for their kids, so if you want to get something for a family and don't know what else to get then a gift basket might be the way to go. That way you are getting a gift that everyone in the family can enjoy and kids love the thrill of baskets of goodies. Look at how popular Easter baskets are, it might be time to introduce Holiday Baskets filled with goodies just like Easter baskets are.

Another good idea would be something that the family can enjoy throughout the year. That is why things like monthly clubs are popular. Something like a fruit of the month club would be great for the family and a sure hit with the kids who would be excited to be getting their delivery in the mail throughout the coming year.

I am a fan of giving fruits and similar items because I came to think of oranges as a special treat that were for Christmas. Not because that was when we got them, but because I saw a TV show or movie when I was a kid and that was one of the special treats in the kids' stockings was a orange. It seemed to me like a special thing in the winter in years past before all the modern ways of keeping such things long term.

When selecting something for the family, it is important to keep all members of the family in mind. You want to be sure that you please not just the adults, or just the kids, but all of the members of the family. And make sure that there is enough to go around. Don't get a family of six a gift that will only work for a family of four, and don't get something that has a single item that everyone is going to want.