Saturday, November 12, 2011


Seasonal allergies are something that I have, thankfully, never had an issue with. I know several people that have issues with pollen or pet dander causing allergy issues for them, and they have convinced me that I should be extremely grateful that I do not have such issues myself.

A pretty good description of what allergies are and what causes them can be found at allergy treatment austin, which also offers a note of hope that allergies are something that can be combated by sort of retraining the immune system to not get so hyper vigilant about defending against allergens that cause reactions such as hay fever.

Years ago one of my dad's doctors noticed a rash on my arm and suggested that I might have an allergy to wheat. This seemed to fit, and the research that I did made it sound even more like what was going on, however, further research in recent years has lead me to reconsider that the rash might have been caused by an allergic reaction, and that makes me very glad I did not needlessly deprive myself of wheat for all those years.

So far, to my knowledge, I am not allergic to anything, although I will one day check with a doctor just to make certain I am not allergic to wheat. It is always best to have medical advice on such things.