Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas for kids. Every kid has that one big item they want to get for Christmas, you know the one. Either it decimates your budget so you can't afford very much else for the holidays, or you simply can not find it anywhere. Yeah, that one.

I'm not going to help you find it. You're on your own there, what I will do is offer a few ideas on how you can fill out the rest of the items under the tree so that the kids have more than one present to open.

There is the long tradition of giving clothes, and while the kids might not care for the idea, it is a good way to give them some great shirts and maybe a new hat or gloves that they can wear back to school after the holiday break. By now they have worn everything that was bought when they started school, so the holidays are a good time to expand on their wardrobe a little.

Along the same line of the new clothes are things such as their own personal set of towels and a new bath robe. Or maybe a new blanket for their bed going into the colder weather of late December and early January? personalized kids for pillows are also... err, umm, make that personalized pillows for kids, make a great idea too. Especially if they have sleepovers and slumber parties. A personalized pillow lets them quickly identify their own pillow after the pillow fight is over.

Another great way to add some more presents under the holiday tree is to make hand crafted items like sock puppets (which have come back into fashion), knit (or crochet) a scarf, make a basic hobby horse if they are younger and would enjoy such things, or make a rubber band gun.

There are a lot of ways to add some not-so-expensive gifts, both fun and functional, to the pile under the holiday tree to help bulk it up a little and give the kids all more than one or two presents they can open this year.