Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Dark Souls this holiday seson

I was thinking about getting a PS3 and a few games for myself this Christmas, however, I have decided that Dark Souls is not worth getting until it has a few things fixed - most notably the ability to stop random people invading your world looking for a fight.

I don't mind co-op modes, where I work with other players. I don't even mind being able to invite other players to fight against me. What I do mind is working my way through a game and suddenly some jerk shows up and kills off my character for no reason.

Come on guys, it could be a great game if you added in an item that when equipped prevented invaders. Give me a ring I can wear to repel invaders or something? Or let us switch a setting at the bonfires to allow or disallow invaders.

If I am going to be paying $60 for a game, on top of the $300 I have to spend for the game system, then I want to be able to say "no" to players invading me without having to stay hallow constantly.

Oh, and one more point I dislike - I want to be able to summon my friends when we want to play teams. So how about making it easier to summon specific players?

Fix those two issues and I'll gladly pick up a copy of Dark Souls, but I'm not going to play a game where idiots kill my character off for amusement and I can't stop them doing it so I can enjoy the game.