Sunday, November 20, 2011

Out of heater fuel and temperatures dropping

I ran out of heater fuel somewhere between 3am and 5am last night and the temperatures are still dropping fast. It is currently 52 degrees F in the house, which is 2 degrees colder than it was an hour ago, and -14 F outside. I am sitting here in a sweater with candles on one side and the Franklin fireplace on the other side and shivering as I type at the computer.

You might ask why I do not just turn on an electric heater, and my response is that running an electric heater for just a few hours a day can quickly result in an unexpected $1,000 electric bill. I really can not afford to suddenly double my electric bill, because then it would be shut off because I could not afford to pay it and if I was without electricity I would be in trouble.

So, I bundle up and try to stay warm until I have another ten to $20 I can put into a heating fuel can to make it another day semi-warm. Semi-warm because even when I have heating fuel I keep the temperature at 58 F in here to help conserve fuel.