Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kids toys that can't be real... can they?

We are getting close to the holidays, so what toys are out there for parents to look for for their children? After watching a few mornings of early morning cartoons I think the question might be what toys might shock parents.

You and Me Interactive Triplets

One toy that parents might find disturbing is one that has made the news lately. The so-called cursing baby doll in the Toys-R-Us dolls known as the You and Me Interactive Triplets.

ABC News has a video on their website about three brow raising dolls for little girls. It has the doll talking and I have to say, it certainly sounds to me like the doll says "Okay Cra e b*tch"

Breast Milk Baby

They also have information on "Breast Milk Baby", a doll that lets children pretend they are breast feeding their doll. Say what? Yeah. The doll is made by a Spanish company that says the doll teaches nurturing skills. The doll has been popular in Europe, but some American parents are saying it teaches kids a bit too much.

It works by a little girl puts on a halter top that has two decorative flowers strategically positioned on it (you can imagine where), and as the doll is held to the flower it makes a suckling noise and moves its mouth. In the demo video I watched it cried when the woman showing how it worked moved it away from the halter and had to be smacked on the back and "burped" to stop it crying.


One doll that parents might not need to think about if they are in agreement with the message it sends is the "Tokidoki" tattooed Barbie. Good Morning America had one on their show and said it was sold out and the one they had on set was obtained off of eBay -- got $500. OWCH!!!

You can see all three of the above dolls in the videos at ABC News and decide for yourself what you think of them.

Now, here are three that I learned about watching early morning children's cartoons this past week.

Doggy Doo

Doggy Doo is a game for children where they feed little clay pellets to what looks like a Dachshund after they have fed the dog they roll a die to find out how many times they squeeze the dog leash (a pump). Eventually the pump pushes the clay through the dog and it... poops. Complete with air out the bathroom sounds.

Kids win by plopping out three pieces of clay and collecting them with their toy shovels.

Pop The Pig

Pop the Pig is a game where you have a happy looking pig cook with his tongue hanging out, that you feed hamburgers to. It has a die that has colored dots that correspond to the center colors on little plastic burgers. Roll a die, pick up a burger and look at the base of it. A number tells you how many times, after you push the burger into the pig's mouth, you need to push on the pig's hat (a pump).

The commercial says "keep feeding him, the more he eats the bigger he gets!" And that is the goal, keep shoving burgers into his mouth and pumping the hat and shoving burgers in and pumping his hat until his belted shirt explodes out and pops open.


This is a game where kids wear headbands that have little sucker deals extending off of them. The goal is to suction up little fur-ball balls with the plunger (hanging off your forehead), put them onto a little pad and flick them up and into the toilet as quick as you can - before the toilet flushes... when it flushes the kids are sprayed in the face with water.

So, there you have it. A few of the kids toys this year. What toys have you seen that have made you wonder what the toy designers are thinking and say "That can't be real.... can it?"?