Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was a bummer for me, in more ways than sitting home alone in the cold. On Wednesday I started feeling bad, by Wednesday evening I was feeling really sick and *COLD* and achy. everything hurt. Could not type or really move without hurting. Thursday morning I just stayed in bed and ignored the fact that the house was getting colder the longer I stayed in bed. Was too sick to feel like getting up.

Finally did get up and ended up sleeping on sofa for most of the day, then tried (and failed) to eat a little food, then went back to bed. Finally feeling better today, but the cold is back outside and as I type this the temperature outside is under zero and I barely have it over 50 degrees F in the house - at least the part that is not blocked off so I can keep the front of it warm (over 50).