Friday, November 11, 2011

Working on some 3D figures

I have a side project that I work on in my free time, or more precisely that I use to fill the time late at night when I am too tired to work on websites and still need to stay up and keep the fireplace going for warmth.

I have began to create 3D artwork. Nothing really fancy, yet, but I am working on trying to learn how to make my own 3D objects and how to change the way figures look. Right now my skills are along the lines of altering makeup and changing colors on items.

I need to find out how to do the makeup, because the female figures I have seem to either be painted up like a clown, or have no makeup at all. I need to combine makeup sections from several different sets to get the perfect red lips, nicely blushed cheeks and the best eyelash enhancer and eye shadow for the figures that I am working with. It is a little aggravating, switching between different figures, but I have learned how to duplicate stuff so I can store the most used things together, and am trying to learn how to make my own makeup sets so that I can just apply the perfect set in one click.

As I said, this is just a idle work at my own speed project. Kind of replacing the sit and read a book to relax that I never seem to find the time for anymore. I start reading and can never get back into the book when I need to put it down, at least with the 3d stuff I can pick up where I left off after hours or days of not working on it and not be lost about what I was doing.