Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does Gossip Bear Repeating?

I was asked by someone "Does gossip bear repeating?" as part of a discussion on my perspective that Newt Gingrich was in the wrong at the South Carolina debate to attack John King for asking if Gingrich would like to address a very recent accusation made by his ex-wife that had gone viral on the Internet.

My response to if gossip bears repeating is:

If it displays the moral and ethical views of a person that wants to rule America, then yes. It does.

Newt Gingrich placed his personal life on the table by deciding to be a politician. Why should I trust him to be president if his wife(s) could not trust him to maintain the oath he swore in the eyes of God? I would like to know if he is the kind of man that values his promises, or if he makes whim based promises that he has no intention of keeping.

You should see what I have to say about Sarah Palin for promising that she would lead Alaska, then bailing to make money on a book deal.

I want to trust that when I am asleep in my bed, the person in the position of leader of this country is keeping me safe from all threats, foreign and domestic, and that they are not going to decide that they have a better looking deal over yonder and skip out leaving the country scrabbling to put itself back together under the Vice President.

How can our allies in other countries EVER think we would be a united and trustworthy nation if they have to wonder if our President will keep his word to them?